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A Message from Our CEO during COVID-19

Drew Taylor
Co-founder and CEO

I hope this note finds you and your family safe and in good health. While family, work and overall life routines have continued to adjust, our priorities at Acorn remain the same. We continue to serve our clients, our employees, and our community. 

As news of COVID-19 spread, none of us knew exactly what to expect. As weeks have passed, one thing has become clear, I have been inspired by the reaction of both our employees and of our front-line healthcare partners. I wanted to share a bit of that with you.

Converting to a remote work model and suspending new cell collections

Acorn reacted quickly to convert to a remote work model. We minimized our presence at our facility and reduced staff to oversee the maintenance and security of our cryopreserved samples.

The safety of our clients and employees is always paramount. For everyone’s safety, Acorn suspended any new collections at our offices and at our partner clinics. For those who had appointments booked, I apologize. We look forward to the day where it is safe to continue our work in preparing everyone for the bright future of precision and regenerative medicine. We will resume as soon as it is safe to do so and will notify you immediately. If you are already a client, rest assured that your cells and samples are safe and secure.

Donating personal protective equipment

With our processing laboratory ceasing operations, we quickly gathered up our PPE (personal protective equipment) and supplies and donated them to multiple long-term care and nursing home facilities in the area. At one point while coordinating supplies, I was joined on a call by a nurse from a facility that had several cases. She was wearing a garbage bag to protect herself and to stop any spreading of the virus to their vulnerable population. I cannot stress how grateful we are to our front-line workers who have put themselves at risk and met this crisis with resolve and strength. Thank you to all who work tirelessly for the health and safety of others.

How to use science in the fight against COVID-10

The outbreak of COVID-19 has reinforced the commitment we have to our crucial mission of empowering individuals with preventative healthcare. A key research area that Acorn is committed to being part of is the long-term solution to the potential lasting effects for those who have contracted the virus; respiratory damage has already emerged in patients. Our science team is actively investigating the permanent detrimental health effects on patients and have added them to our areas of focus for regenerative medicine research.

Due to the nature of our advanced stem cell collection and cryopreservation services, Acorn has resources to leverage in our joint fight against COVID-19. We have an ISO clean room laboratory and state-of-the-art equipment, and a fantastic team of scientists. We are currently exploring multiple ways that we can use our people and infrastructure to assist. I will be sharing more on this in the near future.

I feel immense pride being a part of a company like Acorn, especially during times like these. We are all in this together against COVID-19, and we are here to help and support each other through it.