Invest in Personal Longevity

Prepare for the future of regenerative medicine. Store your best cells today.

Bank Your Cells
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Invest in Personal Longevity

Prepare for the future of regenerative medicine. Store your best cells today.

Bank Your Cells

We are made of cells, not drugs.

The future of regenerative medicine is happening right now, and it’s harnessing the power of our own cells to overcome the biggest health challenges of our lifetimes.

Our cells are not getting any younger.

As we age, so do our cells, and over time they become more damaged and less capable. This makes it more important than ever to collect and preserve our best cells today.

Bank your best possible cells.

By plucking your hair, we collect and freeze your cells for a lifetime of storage. This pauses aging on cells that are completely and uniquely matched with you.

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How It Works

Starting with a simple collection of hair follicles, we analyze for cell viability and cryogenically store valuable cells. Ready for any approved use.

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Administered at home or in a partner clinic, the non-invasive process of plucking hair provides all the required cells for collection.

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Upon arrival at the Acorn lab, we thoroughly examine the collection and deliver you a report confirming the viability of your cells.

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Using cryopreservation, we freeze your cells to a temperature of -196°C. This ensures that they stay healthy and viable for your lifetime.

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You are in control of your cells. They will be healthy and ready to use for any approved cell-based treatment you require in the future.

During my medical training, we were taught cryopreservation, regenerative medicine and personalized genomics, but there were no tangible solutions for patients. Now, with Acorn, patients are able to save a sample of their cells today to have access to the next generation of healthcare. I am already excited by all of the amazing work that Acorn has achieved, and there is still so much to come.

Dr. Patrick Galange, MD, MBA, CCFP

Family Physician, Public Health and Preventive Medicine Resident, University of Toronto

“Stem cell derived live cells for medical treatments are fundamental science supporting the future of healthcare. Imagine a world soon when lab generated cells can replace pancreatic cells to ‘cure’ Type 1 diabetes, ‘regrow’ damaged or cancerous organs and provide us with an anti-aging opportunity to regrow hair and renew our skin to its younger years. The future is now, and Acorn is leading the way.”

Elaine Chin, M.D., M.B.A.

North American trailblazer in Precision Medicine, Chief Medical Officer, Executive Health Centre Founder, Innovation Health Group

"Stem cell harvesting holds phenomenal promise for the near and long term with advances in regenerative medicine that may help to alleviate the burden of chronic illness and help us live longer better."

Dr. Jennifer Pearlman, MD CCFP NCMP FAARM ABAARM

Founder and Medical Director of Pearl MD Rejuvenation

"For the Toronto-based company, the pitch isn’t just around banking genetic material…. It’s about making that process cheaper and easier."

Tech Crunch

"Acorn’s method allows for full genome collection without the need for surgery or other invasive procedures, aiming to make stem cell collection significantly more affordable and accessible."


A Health and Longevity Toolkit

Learn about the science of stem cells and discover the research and applications of regenerative medicine.

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Hit The Pause Button

Freeze the clock on your cells and join our community of personal cell bankers.

Bank Your Cells

Safely Stored and Always Yours

We treat your cells like they will save your life one day. Care is taken at every step of the process to make sure the safety and privacy are never compromised.

Secure Storage

Cells are stored with vault-like security, 24-7 monitoring, and back-up systems. We operate within ISO standards for cell processing.

Data Protection

Our database security adheres to the highest standards for sensitive data protection, ensuring the safety of your data.

Personal Property

All cells stored with Acorn remain the sole property of the person banking the cells. All analysis, storage and access are only done with client consent.


Acorn is committed to a culture of transparency. This means you can find out what we’re doing at every step with every cell.

You have access to great stem cells, now what?

Let’s find out how Acorn can work for you.

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