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Stop Your Cells From Aging

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Choose an at home or in-clinic collection appointment.

There’s multiple ways to get an Acorn appointment that fits your needs. We have clinics across major metros in Canada and at-home services to come directly to you. See our locations page for service availability.


Prepare for your Acorn collection appointment.

While our trained technicians handle the majority of the steps for the collection, it’s important that you have washed your hair, and have at least 1cm of length to help with the collection.


A technician leads the hair follicle collection process.

Taking as little as 15minutes, a trained technician will pluck 50 hair follicles from the sides and back of your head. While it might sound like a lot, the average adult loses 100-200 hairs per day, with hair regrowth happening all the time.


Your sample is processed and analyzed before storage.

It’s incredibly important to ensure the cells that are stored are actually good viable live cells. We confirm with you that they are healthy and abundant with a viability report before sending them into cryogenic storage.


Multiple vials of your cells are cryogenically frozen at -196°C.

Safely inside Toronto General Hospital, we have state of the art cryogenic facilities where your cells are split into 4 vials, and redundantly stored in two different cryogenic tanks. This provides multiple levels of protection for your cells.


The cells are preserved, securely stored and under your control.

Your cells are stored at Acorn at your discretion. If at anytime you want to stop storage, your samples will be safely destroyed. Your cells will be healthy and ready when you need to use them for an approved treatment.

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