Cell Banking & Genome Sequencing

Non-invasive hair follicle cell collection, analysis and secure cryogenic storage. 100x whole genome sequencing provided by Nebula Genomics

Currently available in select Canadian cities

$ 900
Collection Fee
+   $ 16
Per Month

  • Live cell banking
  • Whole genome sequencing
Live Cell Banking
  • At-home or in-clinic hair follicle collection
  • Live cell analysis report
  • Cryogenic storage of your live cells at a secured medical facility
  • Discount for additional family member collections at checkout
Whole Genome Sequencing
  • DIY at-home saliva collection kit from Nebula Genomics, shipped separately
  • 100% of your DNA sequenced and decoded, providing 10000X more data than traditional DNA tests
  • Gain lifetime access to Nebula Research Library with new reports every week based on the latest scientific discoveries
  • Full access to DNA data including FASTQ, BAM and VCF files
  • Tools for browsing your data, searching for genetic variants, and analyzing genes
  • Discover more about your ancestry with full Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA sequencing and analysis
  • Powered by Nebula Genomics
At-Home Collection Zone
  • Greater Toronto Area
  • Greater Montreal Area
In-Clinic Collection Locations
  • Toronto
  • Guelph
  • Hamilton
  • Mississauga